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24 V Expandable Battery Backup, 2.500 KW inverter Kit

What is included.
- (1) Outback GTFX2524 Inverter
- (1) Outback Mate Inverter Controller with Serial and CAT5 connections
- (2) Sun Xtender PVX-2120L Deep Cycle Batteries
- (1) 125 VdC 125a Breaker with enclosure
- (1) 30 Feet of 2/0 copper stranded wire
- (2) 350a Anderson housings with (4) 2/0 connectors (aka 2 kits)
- (1) Anderson disconnect handle
- (1) 10 pack of 2/0 copper ring terminals

24 Volt, 2.5 kW (2,500 Watt) Rated Inverter System, on 5,088 watt hours of Battery Backup.

- This UPS Battery Backup kit provides a continuous 2.5 kW AC load until the batteries run out. The generator start function allows seamless integration of backup power units without power outages on the load side. Installation requires breakers on all three sides to be code compliant, but the inverter will work with a pair 12/3 extension cords (for mobile applications). The Grid interactive mode allows you to upgrade with solar or wind energy production, seamlessly selling power back into the power grid (with appropriate meter and agreements).

The batteries are rated for 1000 cycles if only depleted 50%, or to 50% DOD. These batteries are more than capable of the extended run times, completely exhausting the power in the tank, but you give up life cycles in the process. Specifications, temperature, Peukert coefficients, Lifecycles vs DOC, SOC and charge particulars are here.

The inverter is rated for 20 amps continuous, over 50 amps peak to catch spikes and protect all equipment involved. The specifications are here.

Backup Time Explanation:
Based on the battery bank in this kit, a 1 kW AC load, 110v at 9amps, will run for 2.5 hours uninterrupted, 1000 times. To run longer is fine, but you lose battery life cycles. The system will run the 1 KW load for roughly 5 hours, 300 times.
This UPS Battery Backup kit is able to sustain a 2.5 kW load at 110 VaC for roughly 2 hours, 2 hr efficiently, at a constant amperage of 22.7 amps.

Backup Time Calculations:
212 ah batteries x 2 qty x 12v = 5,088 watt hours of power.
To extend battery life only use 1/2, maintaining 50% charge at all times.
212 ah batteries x 2 qty x 12v x 50% DOD = 2,544 wh
2,544 WH / 110 volts = 23.13 amps for 1 hour, but the inverter may melt.
2,544 WH / 2.5 kw inverter rating = 22.7 amps for 1 hour.

Multiply the wattage of your load, by time, to get watt hours needed.

Again, this model is rated at a constant amperage of 22.7 amps for 2.5 hours max runtime, based on the battery bank associated. Battery banks are like power tanks in this arrangement, you need more power or run time, we can accommodate you. We can custom tailor battery banks, and run times to your needs. Feel free to ask...

An example of reasonable consumption is 5 computers that each run on 500 watt PSUs, 4.55 amps each. 5 computers x 500 watts = 2500 watts.

Peak power output for this unit is over 50 amps at 110vac. Should you install too much equipment, this inverter will peak, rather than shut down immediately. 6000VA for 1 second, or 120 volts at 56 amps for 1 second is the threshold.

Battery Recharge Times
This inverter has a 24 volt, 55 amp DC battery charger inside the unit. To charge 12 volt batteries, you must connect them in pairs to make 24 volts. When you add strings of 24 volts, you can add the amp hour capacity. You can only add one side of the equation at a time (ah or v).

This 55 amp unit will recharge the batteries from fully dead, to topped off, in roughly 8.5 hours. When you stay inside the safe 50% DOD range, the batteries are fully recharged in under 9 hours.

Recharge Time Math

Fully dead recharge time:
212 AH x 1 string of 24 volts = 516AH
414 AH / 55 = 7.5 + 1 hour for finishing
8.5 hours total
Optimal, 50% DOD recharge time:
212 AH x 1 string of 24 volts * 50% DOD = 212 AH
212 AH / 55 = 4.7 + 1 hour for finishing
4.7 hours total

Mobile Application Caveat:
Do not try to attach this kit to 12 volt vehicles. The alternator, isolator, and transformer are not feasible. Stack up to 8 of the 12 volt models instead.

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